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Number of DPMs (Registered)
Number of DPMs (Board Member)
Separate Board
Disciplinary Actions on Web Site
Licensee Search/Verification URL
National Board
State Exam
Post Graduate Training
Application Deadline
Exam Fees
Duration of License Fee (years)
Continuing Education Reqs. (hours per year)
Part III Exam Required (Licensure)
Part III Exam Required (Residency)
Temporary Resident License Offered
Number of Residency Programs
Amputation, Ankle Law, Reciprocity
and Scope of Practice
State Regulations (Including Requirements
for Licensure and Residency Training)
Name Role
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DISCLAIMER: Information is reported voluntarily by licensing boards regulating the practice of podiatric medicine. Therefore, the Federation of Podiatric Medical Boards makes no guarantee or warranties on its accuracy and does not assume responsibility for errors or omissions. For more specific information, the appropriate licensing board should always be consulted.