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Improving the quality, safety, and integrity
of podiatric medical health care...
The FPMB promotes high standards for podiatric
physician licensure, regulation, and practice.
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Order Part I/II/III & Disciplinary Reports

The FPMB is the authorized source for providing certified Part I/II/III (PMLexis) Score & Disciplinary reports to the State Boards and other credentialing organizations.
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Member Boards Information

View key data for each FPMB member board including general, contact, licensure and regulatory information. Compare data across all of the member boards with the FPMB compendium.
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The FPMB publishes a quarterly newsletter with important information pertinent to its Member Boards, as well as other key stakeholders in the podiatric community.


COVID-19 Info & Resources

The FPMB has compiled COVID-19 information and resources for the benefit of Member Boards, podiatrists, and other stakeholders. This includes state-by-state resources, news, and announcements.

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Community of Practice Session - October 2022

September 2022

The FPMB will hold a Community of Practice session with its Member Boards on Friday, October 28, 2022 at 3 PM EDT. This is an excellent opportunity for Board and staff to engage with their counterparts across the country on important topics of mutual interest.

FPMB Annual Meeting 2022

2022 Annual Meeting

June 2022

The FPMB held its Annual Meeting on Wednesday, June 1 and featured important announcements and updates, a presentation by the NBPME regarding the APMLE Part II CSPE, and a Community of Practice session that featured robust, interactive discussions about continuing education and interstate licensure compacts.

Board Members Photos

2022-2023 FPMB Leadership

June 2022

President:Dr. Leonard La Russa (GA), Vice President: Dr. Judith Manzi (CA), Secretary-Treasurer: Dr. Marlene Reid (IL), Directors: Dr. Barbara Campbell (AZ) and Dr. Mark Block (FL), Director Emeritus: Dr. Bruce Saferin (OH)

Not Pictured: Senior Advisor to the Board: Dr. Jay LeBow (MD) and Executive Director: Mr. Stoner (MD)

Drs. Campbell, LeBow, & Saferin

2022 Executive Board Meeting

May 2022

The FPMB Executive Board met on April 29 & 30, 2022 in New Orleans, Louisiana while participating in the Annual Meeting & House of Delegates of the Federation of State Medical Boards. Dr. Saferin (top-left) and Dr. LeBow (bottom-right) were recognized for their exemplary service by FPMB President, Dr. Campbell.