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Improving the quality, safety and integrity
of podiatric medical health care...
The FPMB promotes high standards for podiatric
physician licensure, regulation and practice.

COVID-19 Info & Resources

The FPMB has compiled COVID-19 information and resources for the benefit of Member Boards, podiatrists, and other stakeholders. This includes state-by-state resources, news, and announcements.

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Order Part I/II/III & Disciplinary Reports

The FPMB is the authorized source for providing certified Part I/II/III (PMLexis) Score & Disciplinary reports to the State Boards and other credentialing organizations.
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Member Boards Information

View key data for each FPMB member board including general, contact, licensure and regulatory information. Compare data across all of the member boards with the FPMB compendium.
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Model Law

The FPMB drafted the Model Law following principles developed by the Pew Health Professions Commission. The FPMB studied all 50 state laws and benefited from input from the various state regulators.


March 2020

*** The FPMB continues to process Part I/II/III (PMLexis) Score and Disciplinary reports without interruption. ***

The FPMB has COVID-19 resources available for podiatrists and State Boards on its COVID-19 web page.

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2020 Annual Meeting Update

March 2020

The FPMB Annual Meeting webinar scheduled for May 1, 20202 may be rescheduled. Details will be forthcoming.

The FPMB Executive Board Meeting scheduled for May 1 & 2, 2020 will be rescheduled.

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APMLE Score Reporting Anniversary

January 2020

The FPMB has just completed one year of processing ALL APMLE score report requests (Part I/II/III). Due to the FPMB's implementation of online ordering, orders are processed same-day. Due to electronic delivery, many State Boards download reports in less than one (1) business day.